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About us

I am Fabiana, I am Brazilian and I live the great dream, my and my husband's, of living in New Zealand together with our son.

I have always been a person who sought connection with the universe, but for a long time, I was lost, involved in the daily life of a typical big-city resident, most of the time trapped within four walls, being it the apartment, the office or even the shopping centres. I was waiting for the only vacation month of the year to finally feel the freedom to control my days and get off autopilot.

The changes in my life started to happen when I decided that I would no longer live on autopilot. I decided that I would enjoy every month of my year, not just the vacation month. And the more I followed this path of change, the closer to nature it took me, the more connected I felt with the universe and inevitably more changes in habits happened.

One of these changes in habits led me to create CAPIM, where I decided to create natural products for myself and the world.

With the purpose of working with the most natural ingredients possible, in the most sustainable way possible, being kind to nature, with consumers and with me, I am committed to giving my best to each product, in each production process, in each exchange of look and in each message sent to the client.

Our products are made with ingredients of vegetable origin and whenever possible we try to use organic products, the natural fragrance of essential oils with a soft and delicate smell, without any artificial fragrance. The carrier oils that are most used are jojoba oil, karite oil and coconut oil, they are responsible for the nutrition and hydration of the hair.

All production is plastic-free from the beginning until the shipment to your home.

In addition, we try to reuse the packaging received from our suppliers to pack the final product. Our production is on a small scale and by hand, giving rise to unique, rustic shampoos and conditioners with our best vibrations.

For this reason, I invite you to learn more about our products, to live the experience of changing small habits like exchanging traditional shampoos for bar shampoos and to start the dive in this no-return path that is this connection with Mother Earth.

With love,